November 20, 2021
Social Media Management
Experts Marketing Agency

Managing social media platforms

We have experience and knowledge in managing social media platforms, and we provide social media account management services to companies and government agencies. We help our clients manage their social media pages, reach customers, and target new segments. Experts is one of the best social media management companies in Turkey and the Middle East.
We are creative in creating social media content. We have sufficient experience and high professionalism in creating plans and creating creative and distinctive content dedicated to social media channels in both Arabic and English.
Our services include managing all pages of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., setting agendas and publishing strategies, and planning integrated advertising campaigns for marketing via social media platforms.

Stages of work on managing social media platforms

  • Analysis and development of social media pages
  • Create excellent content plans for social media pages
  • Preparing the necessary designs for social media platforms
  • Schedule publications for all social media platforms according to the optimal time for the presence of the audience of social media pages
  • Responding to inquiries received on all social media platforms
  • Interaction with customers and feedback on social media platforms
  • Increase the number of followers on all social media platforms
  • Launch advertising campaigns on all social media platforms and manage these campaigns
  • Providing you with monthly reports on the performance of social media pages and platforms

What is the importance of being on social media platforms

Being present on social media platforms is one of the most important factors in establishing trust between companies and customers. In order to establish your presence on social media platforms, it is necessary to build a solid marketing plan that strengthens the bridges of communication between your audience and your brand, in order to know their trends and prompt them to learn about the services or products you provide.

We at Experts manage your company’s social media pages within international professional standards

Be present on social media platforms professionally and gain the trust of your customers
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